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Simple Guide in Writing a University Personal Statement in Hong Kong

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hku personal statementA University Personal Statement is the most crucial of all the application essays. As the term suggests, it is all about personality and qualities that admission officers should know, to make them decide whether or not a student deserves a place in their university program. There might be a lot of information a student can provide about himself, but it is more significant relate these information to the application for a university slot. Here is a simple guide from write-my- essay service in Hong Kong.

  • Always remember that this is a university personal statement. This must contain information about you and you alone, in relation to the program you are interested in.
  • List down important points before writing them in paragraph form. A roadmap allows you to check what are significant and what are not.
  • Realize your goals and make them visible in your HKU personal statement. Make sure you convey your idea well.

University Personal Statement in Hong Kong: Communicating Your Interest

There is a need to communicate your deep interest in a particular program within the university. Convey it well with the help from a write-my-essay service in Hong Kong. Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

  • Conduct a through research about the university first. Knowing more about the university gives you an idea what makes them prioritize your application.
  • Create some draft first and ask yourself why do you want this field and why choose that particular university.
  • Read some samples of personal statement.
  • Hire a writing coach from write-my-essay service in Hong Kong. Choose the ones with higher background on university personal statement.

How personal is a University Personal Statement Written in Hong Kong?

A university personal statement should be personal in the highest form. Any copied statement is plagiarism and even when you tend to change the words, the fact that it sounds the same may force the admission officer to drop your application right away. Be unique. Find your own original ways to express your views and insights. You do not have to copy anything from anywhere. Using clichés produces a tired and boring HKU personal statement. To save you from further hassle, hire a writing coach from write- my- essay service in Hong Kong.

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