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What is a business essay?

In business there are several different types of writing that will be required. The four major types of assignments will be reports, case studies, literature reviews and essays. Essays for business school are much like those in other fields. The purpose is to convince the reader that your position is valid and substantiated by relevant research. Many business students consider essays to be the most difficult type of writing assignment of the four types because although there is a structure to be followed, it isn’t at rigid and fixed as the other types of writing they are assigned. It is possible that students will have to occasionally include an abstract of the essay but usually this will not be the case. The following is the basic structure of a business essay:

  • Introduction: The introduction serves as a map of the essay and provides on overview of the whole paper. For most essays it will be only one paragraph but it could include more on longer assignments. The basic information it contains is some topic background and identification of a problem to be solved, the purpose of the essay and your thesis statement.
  • Body: Every paragraph between the introduction and the conclusion is part of the body. Body paragraphs all have the same structure:
    • Topic sentence: the main idea the topic discusses
    • Support sentences: Six to eight sentences that provide information supporting the topic sentence
    • Concluding sentence: Summary of the paragraph and reinforcement of the paragraphs argument. It will also lead in to the next paragraph
  • Conclusion: The conclusion brings together and consolidates all the points/ideas in the assignment to bring them to a point of closure.

The business essay is self-contained. There will be no need for any attachments in a business essay. Proposal requests that are required for dissertations and some other types of writing are also not required.

Tips for writing a business essay

The following tips will be useful when writing your business essay:

  • Make sure you are clear about the question that you are being asked to write about. Some will be quite long and detailed. It isn’t uncommon for a student to submit an essay that doesn’t address the question.
  • Eliminate material that doesn’t contribute to your argument. If removing something doesn’t change the meaning of the essay or weaken your argument then it wasn’t needed
  • Be specific and support any statements with evidence. A statement that has no support is an opinion only and doesn’t help your essay
  • Revise, edit and proofread your essay several times until it is as good as you can make it. Going completely through the essay three times is generally the minimum.

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