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Steps to writing a good essay

Well written essays don’t just appear out of nowhere and if you jump in and start writing the essay without any preparation or plan, then the essay you write won’t be as good. Having a good plan to follow will always make your essay better than it would be without. There is a step-by-step process for writing essay that if followed will improve the final product. The following is how to write a good essay in 7 steps:

  1. Analyze the prompt: Whether you are assigned a specific topic or choose your own you must decide how you want to approach it. Determine the purpose of your essay and what it is supposed to do. You may have the narrow the topic if it is too broad.
  2. Outline your essay: Start with the main idea of the essay. Consider all the different arguments/ideas that support the main idea and select the three strongest.
  3. Develop your thesis statement: The thesis statement is the stance you are taking. You may want to think of it as picking a side in an argument
  4. Write the body of the essay: The body is usually three paragraphs. Each paragraph will cover one of the three ideas that support your main idea. The first sentence of each paragraph is a statement that supports your thesis (one of the arguments you selected). The next few sentences explain why the idea supports your position and provides an example. The final sentence shows how it relates to the thesis statement and transitions to the next paragraph.
  5. Write the introduction: It is usually easier to write the introduction after the body as it is essentially an overview of the essay and your original approach may change as you work on the essay.
  6. Write the conclusion: The conclusion restates the essays purpose, summarizes your arguments and restates your thesis. The last one or two sentences will bring closure and indicate discussion on the topic is finished.
  7. Revise, edit and proofread. It may require going through the essay completely several more times before you are satisfied that it is a good essay and you can’t improve on it further.

Tips for writing a good essay

The tips provided here will be helpful when writing your essay:

  • Make sure you have a strong thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be able to make your position very clear in one sentence
  • Be specific. Vague or general statements don’t contribute anything to your argument.
  • Eliminate everything that doesn’t support your argument in some way. Don’t use a lot of extra words just to fill space. Clear and concise writing is best.
  • Revise often.

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