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Preparing to write an education essay

One of the keys to writing a good education essay is how well you have prepared before you start. Good preparation can make a big difference. Taking the extra time before you write instead of rushing right into the writing, will probably save you time as well as improve your essay. To properly prepare for writing the essay requires the following:

  • Analyze the writing prompt: Your approach to the essay will depend to a certain extent on what the essay is being written for. An essay for education program courses will be approached differently than an essay about education for an English class. However the basic principles involved will be the same. Determine exactly what it is the prompt is asking and define your purpose.
  • Make a rough outline your essay based on what you currently know
  • Research and gather the sources and information you need. Make sure to document sources as you find them.
  • Refine your outline using the information gathered during research
  • Develop your thesis statement. This is essentially you stance on the issue your will write about

Now you are ready to right the education essay. A good outline makes the actual writing much easier.

Tips and suggestions for writing the education essay:

With a good outline in hand, writing the first draft of the education essay or even of the business essay should be easy. Here are some useful tips for writing the education essay:

  • During the first draft just write: Don’t worry about grammar or spelling during the first draft. The purpose here is to get your ideas written down. Your outline should pretty much map outthe order in which you present your ideas.
  • Make sure every statement you make is supported adequately. If you don’t have evidence to support one of your points, then you shouldn’t use it
  • Write clearly and concisely. There is a belief that long sentences using big words, will make you seem more intelligent. However communicating ideas in a way that is easy to understand in a concise manner is more difficult to do, and will impress more.
  • Revise over and over. Many writers consider this the most important part of the writing process, and the actual point where writing begins. The revisions you do are the difference between saying something and saying it well.

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