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Simple Guide to Writing a HK University Personal Statement

A University personal statement is the most crucial of all the application essays. As the term suggests, it is all about personality and qualities that admission officers should know, to make them decide whether or not a student deserves a place in their university program. There might be a lot of information a student can provide about himself, but it is more significant relate this information to the application for a university slot. Here is a simple guide from our HK assignment writing service.

  • Always remember that this is a university personal statement. This must contain information about you and you alone, in relation to the program you are interested in.
  • List down important points before writing them in paragraph form. A roadmap allows you to check what is significant and what is not.
  • Realize your goals and make them visible in your HKU personal statement. Make sure you convey your idea well.

professional personal statement editing services in hong kongHKU Personal Statement: Communicating Your Interest

There is a need to communicate your deep interest in a particular program within the university. Convey it well with the help from a write-my-essay service in Hong Kong. Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

  • Conduct thorough research about the university first. Knowing more about the university gives you an idea what makes them prioritize your application.
  • Create some draft first and ask yourself why do you want this field and why to choose that particular university.
  • Read some samples of personal statement.
  • Hire a writing coach from write-my-essay service in Hong Kong. Choose the ones with higher background on university personal statement.

List of Top HK Universities We Help to Apply to

Through our professional services, you can get help to access all of the top universities in Hong Kong such as:

Your Document Will Be Written According to the All Requirements Provided by Hong Kong Universities:

Getting into the top universities in Hong Kong means making a submission that is going to outshine the others that you will be competing against. For your submission, you will need to supply the universities with all of the following information. You should also check each university individually for any specific university or program requirements:

  • Copies of certificates and qualifications
  • SAT or APT test results
  • English language test results
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement

How to Persuade Any Hong Kong University with Your Personal Statement

Writing your personal statement in a highly effective way is not going to be an easy task no matter how skilled you are at writing. You need to ensure that it is carefully tailored to be able to fully reflect the specific expectations of the program as well as being written to a very high standard. The following tips will help you with your writing: 

  • Tailor your application: review the specific requirements of the university you will apply to and ensure that you identify the main expectations that they have from applicants. These requirements should be fully reflected in your personal statement if you want to show that you meet their requirements fully.
  • Answer the prompt: often your personal statement will be required to answer a very specific prompt. Often students get carried away with covering everything else that they forget to actually answer the question that was posted of them within their essay.
  • Make your opening count: this is your hook and it must be able to get the full attention of the committee reading your statement. You must make them want to read more to find out what you have to say through a compelling first line.
  • Use an anecdote to provide a storyline for your writing: you need to tell an interesting story with your writing not simply list your skills and qualifications, that is for your resume. The more interesting the story you tell the more memorable your application.
  • Write about yourself: you are writing a personal statement and that means writing about yourself and not about others. They are seeking to understand just what sort of a person and student you are and you need to provide them with that information so that they can match you to their program.
  • Never use clichés: telling them that you have “always been interested in XYZ since an early age” is not going to help your application. All of your writing should avoid any form of cliché as these are totally ineffective and can lose the attention of the reader immediately they spot them.
  • Use language that can be understood by all: there is no guarantee that the committee members reviewing your application will understand buzz words used within your subject area, nor are they going to be happy with reading text speak, acronyms or slang. Also, avoid the use overly unusual or complex words that you have taken from your thesaurus.
  • Be honest, there is a chance that you will be invited for an interview. So if you have over exaggerated your abilities or blatantly lied within your essay you may very easily find yourself being caught out. Always tell the truth within your personal statement to avoid issues later.
  • Don’t copy anything: they want to read your own words and not those of others. Plagiarizing other’s writing even if not spotted is unlikely to help you anyway as it is not going to reflect you or the requirements of the program you are applying to. Also, avoid the use of quotations as they want to hear your voice.
  • Never let errors slip through in your writing: a simple spelling mistake will give the reader the impression that you are either uninterested in the placement or that you are a sloppy worker. Always carefully edit and proofread your personal statement so that you are sure that it will be of a high standard when it is submitted.

Admission Services We Provide

Getting into any Hong Kong college or University or applying overseas will require you to submit a personal statement or admissions essay. We know how important this document is as part of your application and offer you fully tailored support which can cover all of the following:

Personal statement writing/revision/editing

The personal statement is your only opportunity to help yourself to stand out in your own words and is one of the hardest parts of your application to write. Written well it can provide you with a true edge over your competitors for a place which is why you will need expert support. Our writers and editors can ensure that your personal statement will fully reflect the full expectations of the program that you are applying to in a highly engaging manner. All writing is unique and of a high standard and you can be sure our support will boost your chances of winning a place.

Admission essay writing/revision/editing

Often you will be asked to write an admission essay, this essay will often be written to a specific prompt such as “What is the most difficult thing you have ever had to overcome?” Written well you will be able to get the attention of the committee that will review your application. Our specialists can help you with all aspects of your writing and editing to ensure that your essay will be completed perfectly. Our experts know what the committee expects to see and have the writing skills to be able to help you to submit something that will make you stand out.

Scholarship essay writing/revision/editing

Not everyone has the funding required to get them through their studies and many rely on getting a scholarship to get them through their education. Part of your application will be your scholarship essay and this will need to be written in a highly persuasive manner if you are going to be able to convince them that you are the one that deserves the scholarship. Our specialists fully understand just what these programs are looking for and how your essays need to be written to be effective. By working with us you can boost your chances of getting a favorable result.

hku personal statement helpHow Personal Is a University Personal Statement Written in Hong Kong?

A personal statement as an essay writing should be personal in the highest form. Any copied statement is plagiarism and even when you tend to change the words, the fact that it sounds the same may force the admission officer to drop your application right away. Be unique. Find your own original ways to express your views and insights. You do not have to copy anything from anywhere. Using clichés produces a tired and boring HKU personal statement. To save you from further hassle, hire a writing coach from the best essay writing company in Hong Kong.

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