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Stages of the essay writing process

Plenty of students consider essay writing to be a one stage process. They are assigned an essay to write, and they sit down and write it. In most cases, the essay they submit could have been much better. The following are the stages of the good essay writing process

  1. Prewriting: Prewriting consist of several steps:
    1. Analyze the writing prompt. Determine exact what you are being asked to write about. Many students leap to conclusions without thoroughly understanding the prompt
    2. Write a rough outline based on your current knowledge of the topic
    3. Research and gather information until you have enough for your essay
    4. Expand your outline using the new information you gained during your research
    5. Develop a thesis statement. This is your point of view on the topic
  1. First draft: Write the first draft of you essay. The main thing is to get your ideas written down. It shouldn’t be hard with a good outline. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. It could hamper the flow of your writing
  1. Revising the essay
    1. Revise for your audience: Will the reader find your presentation logical? Is it easy to understand what you have written? This revision is to make the essay a good read.
    2. Revise for purpose: Did you clearly state your purpose and maintain it through the entire essay? Do you support the purpose well?
    3. Revising for form: Does your essay follow the form it is supposed to?
  1. Edit and proofread: Check all of the following:
    1. Sentence structure
    2. Word choice
    3. Grammar
    4. Punctuation
    5. Capitalization
    6. Spelling
    7. Reference citation

That’s all there is to it. You may want to use an essay sample for your paper writing guide

Use an essay sample for your paper writing guide and other essay writing tips?

There are a couple of things you can use an essay sample for. Your paper can take its structure and even its style from sample essays. Just be careful not to copy the actual content. There are a few useful tips you can’t get from essay samples:

  • Write your body paragraphs before your introduction. It will be easier then
  • Spend extra time on revising. The first draft got the information down. Revising makes it read well
  • As you edit and proofread, you may want to try looking for only one type of error at a time

The following are sample parts taken from essays that show effective an ineffective writing:

  • Ineffective

There are vast numbers of problems in the contemporary world in which we are living our lives. That is why Mike and Joe want to be a policeman. Last month they began there training. Now Mike has a rash and he is probably allergic to something. Joe had a training accident. After he broke his arm he is home for two weeks.

  • Effective

There are many problems in the world today. That is why Mike and Joe want to be policemen. Last month they began their training. Now Mike has a rash; he is probably allergic to something. Joe had a training accident. After he broke his arm, he was home for two weeks.

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