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How to structure an essay

Every student will encounter education essay writing at some point in their academic career. It is something that many students dread but it is unavoidable. Nobody is born knowing how to write an essay. It is a skill that is learned, just like any other. Basically, when you write an essay you are making an argument to support your point of view. Essay writing is just a way of presenting your argument and the structure of the essay lends itself to that purpose. The basic essay structure is shown in the following outline:

  • First paragraph: Tells what the argument is about and gives an overview of the topic. The last sentence of the paragraph is your thesis statement. Don’t panic. The thesis statement is nothing more than you saying what side of the argument you are on.
  • Body: The body is three paragraphs. Each paragraph gives one reason why your thesis statement is right and explains why. You will give three reasons so three paragraphs.
  • Conclusion: Here you say again what the argument is about. Then you give your three reasons why you chose the position you did for the argument, and say again what that position is.

To submit a good essay you have to learn how to structure it. However it takes more than the proper format to make a memorable essay.

Tips for writing a memorable essay

A well written essay always tends to stand out. Instructors read hundreds of essays and a large number of them may not be bad, but they are also not great. There are many problems that often occur in the essay process that detract from the essay. Here are a few of the problems that occur most often and some tips for fixing problems so that you can write a memorable essay:

  • Can’t get the reader’s attention: Get the reader’s attention with a hook in the introduction.There are five basic patterns used to get the reader’s attention:
    1. Historical review: Provide a brief historical review
    2. Anecdotal: Tell a story
    3. Surprising statement: Relate some fact that surprises in some way. It might be shocking, amazing or disgusting or something else
    4. Famous person: Quote a celebrity
    5. Declarative: State right off what the essay is about
  • Poor structure: There are a number of reasons for this. Depending on the particular topic and problem, it might be solved with linking words, transition sentences or more consistency
  • Vague essays: To fix essays that are a bit vague, be more specific and use examples
  • Grammatical errors: These problems can be fixed during proofreading. If you can, try and wait a day or so. This makes it easier to spot errors. Go through the essay several times

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